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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

10 PRACTICAL - Easy to Style FASHION TRENDS for Fall 2023 with NIKKI πŸŽ€

NIKKI brings her favorites for the Fall 2023 Fashion classics with a MODERN TWIST!

A wonderful and wearable video selection from crop tops to shoes to add to your wardrobe for that extra fashion kick and charm. 

NIKKI has a multitude of classic, fun, classy, and sometimes light-hearted styles that she features in a variety of videos from business favorites, to classy NYC must-haves. 

Thursday, September 21, 2023

FASHION WEEK FALL WINTER 23/24 The 10 biggest trends Video

FashionologyBiz Recommends Watching This Fashion Show Video on The 10 Biggest Trends in the Fall/Winter 23/24 Fashion Lineup in Fashion Week

Set your sights on the BOLD Shoulder, OVERSIZED Coats, TRENCH Coats, MAXI Coats, LEATHER, KNITwear, LINGERIE, SKIRTS on Pants, and BOWS, with lots of comfort and earth tones. 

Thursday, August 31, 2023

Is it a Commercial? Is it a Mini-Film? Romantic - Whimsical, Sensual, CHANEL N°5, the film with Nicole Kidman – CHANEL Fragrance

#Chanel5Perfume #NicoleKidman #ChanelPerfume #ChanelParfum #FashionologyBiz

Saturday, July 8, 2023

Madelaine Petsch - Star of Riverdale, Making News With Her Designer Sunglasses Line

Madelaine Petsch is not only a controversial and dynamic star of Riverdale, but she is also a successful Sunglasses designer. Her bold and powerful looks are reflected in her untraditionally stylish designs. 
Madelaine Petsch Launches Bold Sunglasses Designs on Prive Revaux
PrivΓ© Revaux

Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Art At Its' Best - Amazing Stanton Fan Tail Peacock Figurine by Jay Strongwater

Added To Our Art Collection ~

Incredible work of Art by Jay Strongwater!
Limited Edition
32" Wide - 25" Tall
Stanton Fan Tail Peacock Figurine by Jay Strongwater

Designer Kendra Scott Newest Collection

New and Gorgeous Kendra Scott Jewelry 

Kendra Scott jewelry is designed for the modern female - Bold, Delicate, Decisive, Trending, and Fashionable. Browse through Kendra Scott's Jewelry designs and Fill Your Jewelry Case with everything you need during this amazing Sale!

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Put On Your PARTY SHIRT! Skully's "Where's the Booooze?" T-Shirt - On-Sale NOW!

 Bring On the PARTY T-shirt!

Where's the Booze Booooze Skully collection tee shirt designed by Eugenia

All Year is Party Time!

Limited time only: 
Regular Price: $32.95
Stock up now - great gifts!  A fun T-shirt for all year, including Halloween! Premium Quality T-Shirt.

Where's the BOOOOZE?

Thursday, June 15, 2023

Cigar and Pipe Aficionados! Here are 12 Luxury Cigar and Pipe Accessories to Gift or Add to Your Collection

 Cigar and Pipe Aficionados!

Enhance your smoking pleasure with some of these much-needed accessories. Buy as a Gift or for yourself 

The allure and pleasure of cigar and pipe smoking are extremely individual. Relaxation, aroma, and specific flavors create an atmosphere of pleasure and calm for many people.

Sometimes cigars or pipes, coupled with a good whiskey, scotch, or wine, can help erase, or at least minimize the stresses and strains of the day.

To enjoy the experience of this tranquil ritual, accessories are vital. Below are 12 of the most coveted luxury accessories in the tobacco world. Enjoy!

There are great accessory options for cigar and pipe aficionados, therefore, we have compiled a list of the TOP 12 TRENDING & LUXURY ACCESSORIES

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

HOT - HOT - HOT Beach, Pool, and Resort Bathing Suit Cover Ups For Your Summer Fashion

Summer is here... 

Animal print sheer long resort beachwear bathingsuit coverupand so is the HOT weather. Beaches and resorts are the places to go and cool down, have fun, and wear the cutest, sexiest, and eye-catching bathing suits and cover-ups you can find. Below is a fantastic collection of beachwear to browse through focusing on great quality, excellent prices, and usually quick delivery.

FashionologyBiz Fashion Experts have reviewed hundreds of the trending and top sellers and have compiled a sampling of the Hottest and Trending styles based on Fashion Week, Fashion Designers, Reviews, Quality, and Ratings.

Summer Cover-Ups can be classic, sexy, boho, hippie, sporty, shocking, and just plain fun. Having several in your closet can take your bathing suit from surfing to dining in one swoop, changing moods and colors as you see fit.

Check out these Top Picks of the Best Beach Summer Cover-Ups

12 Simple and Stylish Ways to Tie a Long Rectangular Scarf with Trending Blogger, Tania Stephens

Blogger, Tania Stephens Shares 12 Ways to Accent Your Outfit with a Long Rectangular Scarf

Tieing a scarf can be simple - but there are even more fun and effective ways to accent different outfits, occasions, and moods, from shorts, beachwear, jeans, jackets, and coats to business suits, resort wear, headwraps, hijabs, & more. Accessorize with scarves - lots of fun!

There are so many styles of scarves as well, here we are focusing just on the rectangle long scarf, which can be fairly narrow or a wide shawl style, from lightweight,  cool, and sexy to warm and snuggly.

10 PRACTICAL - Easy to Style FASHION TRENDS for Fall 2023 with NIKKI πŸŽ€

NIKKI brings her favorites for the Fall 2023 Fashion classics with a MODERN TWIST! A wonderful and wearable video selection from crop tops t...

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