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Friday, June 8, 2018

Huge 95.31 Carat Diamond Discovered in Canadian Mine

A recently opened mine in Canada, Gahcho Kué, uncovered a 58 and 68 Carat Diamond in 2016, now they just discovered a 95.31 Carat diamond. 

The largest diamond unearthed in Canada was a 187.7 Carat diamond in 2015, with an estimated value of $10 million.

95 Carat unearthed in Canadian mine.

The largest diamond on record ever found in 1905 and was more than 3,000 carats, weighing in at 1.33 lbs. It was found in Pretoria, South Africa, known as the Star of Africa. Earlier this year, a 910-carat diamond from the Letšeng mine sold for $40 million.

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